Best soup in town.

Satisfying Japanese soups and sushi rolls Best soup in town.

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Salmon Bomb Roll

Fresh salmon and avocado roll topped with our special spicy salmon mix in cubes and avocado

Shrimp Tempura Roll

Imitation shrimp, cucumber, lettuce and avocado roll topped with masago and spicy mayo

Fashion Roll

Salmon avocado cucumber roll topped with our spicy tuna mix spicy mayo dots and masago

Sashimi Roll

Rice less roll with tuna salmon white tuna avocado and cucumber topped with masago

Spicy Seafood Soup

Fish broth with small chunks of imitation crab salmon scallions corn and carrots

Teriyaki Salmon Bowl

Poke Bowl

Satisfying Soups: Japanese Delights

Satisfying Soups: Japanese Delights
Warm up with our flavorful miso soup, a classic Japanese favorite. Indulge in our rich and comforting ramen soup, filled with savory broth and tender noodles. Savor the delicate flavors of our udon soup, a hearty and satisfying choice. Join us for a bowl of authentic Japanese soup today!

Convenient Sushi Delivery and Pickup Options

Convenient Sushi Delivery and Pickup Options
Craving sushi? Enjoy convenient sushi delivery and pickup options. Order fresh sashimi, sushi rolls, and miso soup for delivery straight to your door. Or swing by for a quick pickup on your way home. Satisfy your sushi cravings hassle-free with our easy ordering process.

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